Density Meters

Hand Held Density Meter
Hand Held Density Meter
Desktop Density Meter
Desktop Density Meter

DMA 35 EXP Handheld Density Meter

‚ÄčA handheld portable type density meter, to be used in remote locations. Using the oscillating U-tube technology, the DMA 35 EXP measures the density and density related values of you sample and shows results within a second on a readable display, ready to store, printout or export to a computer.

Common accessories are as follows:

  • Extra PTFE Filling Tube
  • Transportation Carry Case
  • IrDA USB Adapter
  • Calibration Wristband

Anton Paar DMA35 EXP

Desktop Density Measuring Devices

Anton Paar offer a wide range of density measuring devices such as the DMA HP & HPM, DMA 411/4500/5000 M with high pressure and temperature ranges for many different types of liquids and gases.