Additive Injection


The rig family has been designed to operate where no external power is available or there is a lack of adequate electrical / mechanical power.

The Positive Injection Pumps derive their power from a positive displacement vane type pump which operates from 10% - 100% of the design flow from the main product delivery pipeline.

The injection pumps employed are "Piston Type" which ensures total accuracy per stroke over a long period of time.

The delivery per product can be altered with the unit either running or static, the measuring jars are manufactured from borosilicate glass and stainless steel ​with the graduations scribed into the stainless steel, this is so that the values on the jugs will not be impaired with age or use.

The micrometer settings can be locked to ensure no illegal tampering of the settings takes place.
All wetted surfaces are of 316 Stainless Steel.

The Chassis can be manufactured from Aluminium / Mild Steel / Stainless Steel.
The inlet / outlet can either be flanged only ANSI 150 or with proprietary couplings.

On all main flow units the "Turbine" is a positive displacement type with appropriate piston injection pumps and pipework to suit the customers injection requirements, which ensures continuous accuracy.

The range of pumps can vary from 1-4 again dependent on customers requirements. More injectors can be added if required.

Different seals can be used and this is dependent on the injection liquid.

The rigs can be supplied in a skid layout with the stainless steel supply tanks adequately sized to meet intended main line flows.


Additive Injection (LPM)          Additive Injection (USGPM)